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Micro-grain Cleansing Facial Scrub Coming Soon

We are busy putting the finishing touches to our micro-grain facial cleansing scrub powder that will be available soon! Packed with gentle exfoliating grains and natural cleansing saponin our Adzuki + Oat Cleansing Facial Buffer removes dead skin and cleanses the face free of any impurities leaving a glowing complexion.

We have carefully selected these ingredients for their beautiful affect on skin.


Oats contain rich anti-oxidant properties that help reverse the damage done to skin by pollution, UV rays and chemicals. Also a humectant, oats helps the skin retain moisture, giving them a moisturising affect on the skin. Oats are also loaded with saponin, a natural foaming agent which aid cleaning.


The Adzuki Beans have been used by Japanese women as early as the 18th century to cleanse and purify their skin, particularly the face. When ground the Adzuki beans becomes a finely coarse powder, packed with anti-oxidants to gently exfoliate the skin.

Watch this space for further developments and a launch date x

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