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Facial Steaming: The Super-Natural Ritual to Reignite Your Skin

How to Facial Steam

Skin loves herbal facial steams .....

This simple self-care practice is a wonderful addition to any skin care routine. Facial steaming opens up your pores and using herbs and flowers in the water nourishes and tones your skin. Adding the plants to the hot water releases their nutrient-rich aromatic oils, which are then absorbed by your skin.

The benefits of facial steams

  • CLEANSING : Warm steam softens the surface of your skin, relaxing pores to remove impurities and bacteria. It also draws out dirt buildup, softens blackhead and whitehead plugs so they gently release from the skin.

  • CIRCULATION. Steaming increases perspiration which helps the skin's blood vessels to dilate, improving blood flow. Blood flow feeds and oxygenates the skin, key to a healthy complexion.

  • HYDRATION: Steam is hydrating for the skin and great for increasing absorption of moisture skin care products

  • CALMING: Adding herbs, flowers and plants to hot water releases their therapeutic properties, launching them into the steam and the aromatherapy created is relaxing and soothing to body and mind.

  • NOURISHING : The nutrient rich oil from plants, herbs and flowers are released into the steam which the skin absorbs to feed the skin.

  • GLOWING The boost in circulation and blast of hydration to the surface of your skin leaves skin with a beautiful, healthy glow.

Instructions for a facial steam

Step 1: Choose your facial steam from our Tranquility, Kindness or Uplifting blends.

Step 2: Find a comfortable spot where a bowl can be placed at a height your are comfortable leaning over in to. Then, place a large, fluffy towel and a second small clean towel on the table. Be sure to have a comfortable chair that allows your feet to sit flat on the floor.

Step 3: Secure your hair back and away from your face. Cleanse your face and neck.

Step 4: Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Once the water comes to a boil, toss in a few good pinches of the botanical facial steam and stir with a wooden spoon. Allow to simmer for 1 minutes, cover, turn off the heat and allow to sit for 1 minutes.

Step 5: Transfer the botanical water to a heat resistant bowl. If you wish to add any essential oils, this is the best time to so and follow the instructions of the essential oil provider.

Step 6: Drape a large, thick towel over your head and the bowl, creating a tent to capture the steaming herbal water. Hold your face about 6-8 inches above the water. You can regulate the heat by raising or lowering your head over the water, or you can lift a corner of the towel to let in a little cool air if you need too. Steaming for 5-8 minutes is ideal. If you want, you can stay under for up to 10 minutes.

Step 7: When you have completed your facial steam, remove towel, splash your face with lukewarm - cool water before patting your face dry with a clean towel.

Step 8: Finish by apply a toner followed by your chosen face cream or facial oil


Tip 1: Lightly massage with your face with your chosen cream/facial oil using upward strokes, gently massage your forehead, checks and neck.

Tip 2: Strain the tincture created from the botanical steam, bottle and refrigerate. This tincture can be used within 7 days to use as a facial toner.

Tip 3: The tincture can also be used to create a make-up cleanser. Add 4 tbsp of tincture to a bottle then add 1 tbsp of Jojoba/Sweet Almond or Olive Oil. Shake well and apply to cotton wool to cleanse face and eyes.

Tip 4: Regular steaming once a week will give your skin clarity, suppleness, and vibrancy.

We hope you enjoy x

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