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New! Our Botanical Facial Steams for Supernatural Glowing Skin

Welcome to our latest addition. 3 beautiful botanical facial steam for supernatural glowing skin.

Long considered a homeopathic remedy for oxygenating and softening the skin, this simple self-care practice is a wonderful addition to any skin care routine. Facial steaming opens up your pores gently releasing impurities, bacteria and dirt. Adding a few pinches of the botanical blend to the hot water releases the nutrient-rich aromatic oils locked in the flowers and herbs into the steam, which are then absorbed by your skin to nourish, tone and hydrate.

And as a bonus the tincture created by the botanical face steam can be used as a facial toner, botanical bath shot or face mask power activator. Simply strain the tincture, bottle, refrigerated and use within 4 days.

Choose from our Kindness, Tranquility and Uplifting blends

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