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A lifting, elating and skin rejuvenating bouquet of comforting, nourishing and restorative botanicals for deep pore purging, skin hydration and nutriment. Perfect for all skin types. Each jar contains 120ml of facial steam botanicals. 

Uplifting Facial Steam

  • +Hibiscus Flowers, referred to as the "botox plant" for its anti-aging, firming and toning impact on the skin

    + Orange Blossom, better known as Neroli and widely considered the most beneficial plant for skin.  Toning, tightening, softening and soothing are just some of the many attributes of orange blossom... and it smells divine.

    + Jasmine Flowers, beautiful and exotic with a sensual, musky, floral uplifting aroma.... gently clarifying, soothing, hydrating—jasmine does it all.

    + Rosehip, packed with Vitamin A + C and fatty acids vital in collagen synthesis has made rosehip the new darling of skincare world.

    + Saffron, in texts of Ayurveda the herb saffron is grouped under “Varnya” gana. Varnya means the one which imparts fairness and glow to skin.

    + Sencha Green Tea, the trademark detox tea of Japan is packed with Vitamin C + E and astringent active properties to tone and lift the skin.

    + Blue Cornflowers, loaded with anti-septic properties, these beautiful flowers have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to sooth irritations.

    + Seaweed Flakes, packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals essential to skin health.


Natural Botanical Bath + Body + Candles

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