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Pure Soy Wax Melts for use with our wax melt burners.  Clean and pure made with 100% soy wax and high quality fragrance oil from an International Perfumery house.  Each wax melt provides a minimum of 15hrs hours.

Soya Wax Melts

  • + Pure Soy Wax

    + High quality fragrance oil created by an International Perfumery House


  • Autmn/Winter Collection

    + Cinnamon Spice - imagine a freshly baked apple strudel

    + Orange + Clove +Cedarleaf - a sophisticated scent for the home                fragrance connoisseur and one that everbody loves

    + Spiced Ginger - mmmm Gingerbread

    + Winter Berries - think ripe plums and nutmeg

    Signature Collection

    + Black Rose an oriental oud balances the top notes of rose and geranium perfectly

    + Coconut + Lime - uplifting and a customer favourite

    + Cucumber Ginger + Mint - a fresh clean and crisp scent perfect for           fragrancing a kitchen or bathroom area

    + Nectarine + Mint - a sweet scent balanced with refreshing spearmint

    + Peony + Lychee - an elegant floral scent with notes of fruit

    + Wild Fressia + Lavender - a clean and crisp fragrance reminscent of          fresh linen/cotton type scents 

    + Wild Lemongrass - Lemongrass with a twist of douglas fir and lime





Natural Botanical Bath + Body + Candles

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