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A rejuvenating, gentle face mask powder, made with 100% natural minerals and infused with ground rose petals, designed to detox, tone and refine skin to restore radiance. Suitable for dry, sensitive, maturing skin. Each jar contains 120ml of face mask powder providing 6-8 face masks. 

Restoring Rose Face Mask Powder

  • +  Australian Pink Clay, a superfine delicate clay that is dark pink in colour and used by the cosmetic industry for it’s incredible hydrating, softening and firming properties.


    + Diatomaceous Earth, a natural anti-inflammatory mineral loaded with silica, required by the body to build collagen, a key component of beautiful skin.


    + Rose Petals, used in Ayurvedic medicine for their cooling affect on the skin and to keep skin healthy.


Natural Botanical Bath + Body + Candles

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