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Everything we do is rooted in nature, from using the finest ingredients gifted by mother nature renowned for their therapeutic benefits to ensuring none of our ingredients are made from animal products or tested on animals. 


We put our heart and soul into researching, formulating and creating our products and source the finest quality ingredients and vet all our suppliers to ensure they meet our high quality standards and share our moral ethos.

To our delight we found one of the advantages of living on the shore of a salt loch was an abundance of wild seaweed. Seaweed is renowned for it's ability to detox the body and moisturise + repair the skin.  Seaweed is an important ingredient used in many of our formulations.


To ensure quality, sustainability and ethical practices we harvest our seaweed ourselves by hand, rotating our harvesting areas and harvest  at specific times during the season as advised by Scottish Natural Heritage to allow for healthy regrowth.  We then hand wash and delicately dry our seaweed, ready for addition in to our products.

We use fresh, natural ingredients and pure essential oils without any synthetic preservatives, chemicals, parabens or SLS and handcraft all our products in small batches.  This ensures that you receive freshly made goods that are not loaded with chemical preservatives or have sat on shelves for any period of time and that all the ingredients are at their optimum performance. 

For more information on ingredients, follow our blog, where we showcase ingredients and their therapeutic qualities


Natural Botanical Bath + Body + Candles

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